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The Sunderland coast is enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of visitors every year, and forthcoming housing developments are predicted to bring even more people to the area. We want visitors to enjoy the coastline, but adopting a code of conduct when using the area is crucial if we are to maintain the diversity of wildlife that makes the area its home.

Conservation Code

The beach also has its own conservation code:

  • Watch the seashore without disturbing it – don’t take living things away from the beach; just use your senses.
  • Return seashore life to its own place – always put any plants, animals or even rocks found on the shore back where you found them; never take living animals home with you.
  • Keep seaweeds alive – never pull out living or attached seaweed as it is home to lots of small animals; even loose seaweed in the strandline is an important habitat.
  • Do not disturb any mammals or birds found on the beach – they could lose valuable feeding time or desert their young.
  • Keep the beach clean – take all litter home with you or put it in the appropriate bin.
  • Leave the beach as you would wish to find it, so others can enjoy it after you.

Reporting illegal activity

Unfortunately, not all users of the coastline act responsibly. We need your help to combat irresponsible and illegal activity to keep our coastline a safe and enjoyable place to visit.

Adhering to a code of conduct when enjoying the coastline and being vigilant and spotting threatening actions by others can go a long way to help preserve our coastline.

We are particularly working to combat the following activity:

  1. Illegal vehicle use – motorcycles and quad bikes
  2. Gun use
  3. Hunting with dogs
  4. Anti-social behaviour
  5. Fires
  6. Dog fouling
  7. Fly tipping
  8. Marine and on shore litter
  9. Damage to coastal seats, safety rails and signage

Any activity from 1 to 5 should be reported via 101 direct to the police. Activities from 6 to 9 can be reported to the City Council on 0191 520 5550.

Coast Watch

Coast Watch is a scheme to take action and reduce environmental crime, anti-social behaviour and vandalism along our beautiful coast. We work together with Sunderland City Council, Heritage Coast Team, landowners along the coast.

East Sunderland Coast Watch operates from Hendon Dock in the North to Ryhope Dene and covers car parks, paths, the ‘beach banks’ and our local and national nature reserves.

Coast Watch

Sunderland East

Coast Watch

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