Ryhope Beach

Your Coast Project Sunderland

Sunderland’s beautiful coastline is home to many species of rare bird, wildflowers and sea life, which need protection from a variety of threats such as new housing development for the area over the coming years.

The Sunderland Coast project seeks to protect the landscape and its wildlife by engaging with residents and visitors, and encouraging safe and responsible enjoyment of our coastline.



Seabirds, mammals and rare plants can all be seen while you enjoy a cliff top walk along Sunderland’s coastline. Find our more about the species we’re trying to protect and how you can help.

Ryhope Beach

Protecting your Coast

We need your help to protect our coastline, to make it a safe and sustainable place to visit. Find out how you can get involved.

Ian Graham

Meet the Coast Ranger

In recognition of the need to enhance the protection of the landscape and wildlife of the area, a Coast Ranger, Ian Graham, was appointed in 2016.